North America Pool 1 (W)

  • Players
  • Format
    Double Elimination
  • Start
    January 18, 2015 at 1:00 PM CST
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Welcome to the Smash 4 Worldwide North America Pools! Thank you so much for signing up for this record breaking experience. We have included a lot of useful information as well as the ruleset for you below, be sure to check it out!

This bracket will officially start on January 18, 2015 -  2:00 PM EST. Check-ins will take place for 6 hours before the tournament begins. You do not need to stay for the entirety of check-ins, just be sure to click the check in button on Challonge and be in the IRC when the tournament begins.



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Once this pool is done you will have some time before the final bracket will begin. The top 2 players in this pool will advance. We expect the top players to try and return on Jan 18th at around 8 PM EST. If one of the top two cannot make it we will accept the highest placing player going back until one can join, so if you place high feel free to come back if you can make it just in case.

Thank you again for entering, we're incredibly excited to host this record breaking event!

Smash 4 Rules

  • 1v1

  • 3 stock

  • 8 minute timer

  • Double elimination

  • Best of 3 (Except Grand Finals, Winners Finals, and Losers Finals)

Stage Selection Rules


  • Final Destination

  • Battlefield

  • Town and City

  • Smashville

  • Lylat Cruise


  • Castle Siege

  • Delfino Plaza

  • Duck Hunt

  • Halberd

  • Kongo Jungle 64

  • Skyloft

  • (No omega stages)

Stage Selection Rules

  • Strikes will be in 1-2-1 order. The player with the lower seed will strike first (Example: 28th seed vs 2nd seed. 28th seed strikes first)

  • Winner strikes two stages, loser chooses stage, winner chooses character, and loser chooses character in that order

  • Custom moves are not allowed

  • Equipment is banned

  • No items

  • You must abide by the following rules if you are playing as a Mii.Miis will only be able to use their 1-1-1-1, 2-2-2-2, or 3-3-3-3 loadouts.

  • All Miis must be created with the proper guest Mii at their default size:

  • Swordfighter: Guest B

  • Brawler: Guest C

  • Gunner: Guest F

  • Miis must use their default outfits.

  • The name of your Mii must match the name of the custom load-out you are using. Ex: A Mii with a 1-1-1-1 load-out should be named 1-1-1-1

  • If you change to a different load-out during counter-picking, the load-out you have chosen must be announced. Treat it as changing to a new character.

  • Dave's Stupid Rule is in place. A stage that a player has most recently won on cannot be counter picked by the same player. This could be overridden by Gentleman's Clause.
  • Gentleman’s Clause (Any stage can be played on if both players agree)

  • In the case of sudden death, the player with more stock or lower percentage if the stock is equal wins.

  • Playing out sudden death will not matter.

  • Best of 3 for all sets in pools.

  • In the event of lag during a game, if a stock has been lost by either player, the game will have to be played out as long as the match has not disconnected. If no stock has been lost, players may choose to replay the match.

  • If any issue arises during your match, do not wait until afterwards to inform a T.O. Pause your match and let us know right away. If you play your match and then ask for clarification or inform us that the rules were not followed, we will not allow you to replay your matches. You must know and understand the rules if you are competing.

Tournament Rules

  • Message your T.O. by 2:10 PM EST if your opponent is a no-show.

  • Once the round starts, if by 2:10 your opponent is a no-show and the T.O. has attempted to contact that player with no luck, he/she will lose game 1.

  • If after 15 minutes from the start of the round, or 5 minutes after your opponent has lost game 1, your opponent is still a no-show, he/she will lose that round and be sent to the losers bracket.

  • The same rules of 10 minutes for game 1 and 15 minutes for game 2 apply for every round so make sure you are always available to play and on the IRC once your match has been set.

  • A “-1″ will be given to any player that is a no-show.

  • Once your next matchup has been set, you may go ahead and begin playing.

  • If your opponent asks you to wait more than 5 minutes to play for any reason, message a T.O. right away. Any attempt to delay the tournament may get you a game or set loss depending on the length of the delay. If both players do not message a T.O. and hold up the bracket in any way, both players may end up losing that set.


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